Hiking and freeride tours

We have a pleasure to offer to you our local backcountry tour guides whose aim is to introduce you to the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the winter months.

Bosnia is notorious for its long and snow packed winters due to the collision of Mediterranean and Continental climates right above its mountains, providing for fresh powder most of the season which runs from late November to early May.

The guided tours focus mainly on the Bjelasnica, Jahorina, Visocica and Prenj through customized tours which are organized by us based on your request. Tours are operated on a daily and multiday basis. For some multiple day tours, the mountains all offer sleeping huts along the way providing for a rather unforgettable experience of Bosnian nature.

The tours are all custom made for our clients, depending on the group size, time available and level of skills and experience. For more information please email us and lets get the adventure started.

A few words about the local mountains…

Bjelasnica was host of the Olympic ’84 men’s alpine disciplines and that period really brought about the development of this range along with the smaller Igman which was the host of the Ski-jumping competitions. Although mountain is still used for alpine races, its true nature can be seen in beautiful backcountry terrain which is accessible all season round.

Jahorina was a host of the Olympic ’84 women’s disciplines and has been around a s a ski resort much longer than any other in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a variety of fairly accessible freeride terrain which runs in the beautiful pine tree range, long powder runs and to top it all off good night life to go along with it.

Visocica is a true backcountry paradise. Only about 25 minutes from Bjelasnica the only way up this gem of the Balkans is by touring. The mountain offers numerous bowls, couloirs, spines and tree lines. It is also a great destination in summer months, when the local villages are buzzing with life and many bikers and hikers can be seen.

Prenj Mountain is also known as the Himalayas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and requires some minimum alpine skills to really enjoy the thrills of this mountain. Our guides will provide you with basic courses to prepare you for this kind of climbs ahead of the hike, when necessary. This is the mountain made for mountaineering, a combination of alpinism and freeriding, requiring you to complete a number of technical climbs which put you in a position for some of the longest couloirs and descents that Bosnia has to offer.

With growth of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina our offer of backcountry guided tours is a new and fresh to our already existing services. One key advantage of skiing powder in Bosnia is that the powder crazy crowds are still not flocking here in numbers, making this one of the few places in the world where powder can be found with ease. With our experienced guides who have been exploring these terrains for over a decade and the sheer scale of the available terrain, you are bound to be in the right place at the right time during your stay here.

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