Running tours

City Running Tour gives you guided running tours in Sarajevo. We offer runners a chance to exercise while learning about the history, from Ottoman Empire, over Austro–Hungarian period to recent Siege.

You choose whether you like to run a long or a short run, what areas and sights you would like to see and we customise a run based on your preferences. Please be prepared to pay in cash at meeting point. We will meet you at your hotel or apartment and take you on the run. We will provide water and bring camera in case that you like to capture the moment. At the end of the tour you will be returned at your place of stay.

Our recommended tour is “Sarajevo 9 Bridges Tour”. The tour covers 9 bridges, among others where Archduke Franc Ferdinand was assassinated, as well as beautiful Goat’s Bridge from Ottoman’s time. The tour also covers Old Town (Bascarsija). We also offer Olympic Mountains Tour which include mountains Igman and Bjelasnica (on weekends).

We are runners ourselves, so we understand how important it is for you not to interrupt your training program during travelling.

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